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Our Story

 As with all great stories, it starts with a vest

Hey, I’m Zach. In 2011, I moved from New York to battle the microclimates of San Francisco. As any college-athlete-turned-buffet-connoisseur would tell you, figuring out what to wear to work became a challenge. Suits weren’t necessary, but I wanted to look put together too. I turned to the vest, and it became an essential piece of my workday and weekend wardrobe.
Building something better
Fast forward to 2017. My trusty vest and so many other pieces of my wardrobe were failing me. I questioned the quality of my clothes, from sustainability to wearability. Stepping into the elevator at my office was like a live-action Google search of “What to wear to my 9-5”. We all looked exactly the same, which is to say we were all micro-puffed and ready to climb El Cap after clocking out. Furthermore, as I learned more about the wastefulness of the clothing industry, I started questioning if my choices were messing with Mother Earth. I complained about it to my wife (as one does), who challenged me on the subject (as wives do). “Why don’t you build something better?” So I took a good, long look at what I wanted and I got to work.
Ritter becomes a reality

After hours and hours of research, plenty of after-dinner chats with my friends, countless internet searches, and a couple of “Am I really doing this?” moments, Ritter was born. Call it nostalgia or an overwhelming responsibility for the future of our planet, but I want to make clothes that you can keep forever. It started with hand-selecting premium materials and specialty finishes that are made to last the long haul. Then we found artisans and partners that share in our values for fair wages, safe working conditions and a commitment to the planet.

Wiser choices

So, yes, our clothes look good. What’s the point, otherwise? But the values that we hold as a company are passed down to you in each piece that you purchase. Ritter makes high-quality clothing that the modern working man can be proud to wear. Pieces that are made with fibers from animals that don’t trash their environment, in factories that are woman-owned and run and prioritize healthy working conditions. The saying goes, “If you knew better, you’d do better.” Well, now you know. Welcome to the fam.


Thanks for stopping by,
Zach Jonas
Founder, Ritter